NBA Lockout Vacation: Rudy Fernandez Treats Girlfriend Helen Lindes To Ibiza!

Photo Credit: INF Photo

Until the 2011 NBA Draft last month, Rudy Fernandez was a guard for the Portland Trailblazers. During the draft, he was traded to the World Champs Dallas Mavericks, so many congrats to him. Besides coming off the bench in the NBA, Rudy also plays ball for the Spanish national basketball team.

These pics were snapped earlier today as the couple enjoyed a romantic getaway in Ibiza, Spain. The NBA is currently in a lockout & it’s rumored the league might even miss games early in the season until the players & owners can come to agreement on a new payment structure that will allow both parties to make money. Dallas Mavs, for example, won the championship & still lost $50 million, so something is definitely not right. Maybe some of you bastards can shed more light on the drama…