Slender Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Her Regrettable Tattoo

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

I gotta say that this is one of the few times that I didn’t the tats were as regrettable as some others we’ve seen in the past. It’s safe to say that Kelly would be nothing without her rocker dad Ozzy Osbourne, so it’s only natural to assume that this tat falls into that unique category of tats that Kelly will probably not regret 20-30 years from now—unless, God forbid, Ozzy smokes too much crack one day & goes on a shooting rampage on Sunset Blvd on a Friday night (even though there are a shitload of people who wouldn’t mind if that ever happened).

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as Kelly arrived at the Millbank Centre in London for the launch of The Huffington Post website. I gotta admit, after dropping all that weight, Kelly’s quickly becoming a lot easier on the eyes! I feel like this weight looks perfect on her, so let’s hope she doesn’t go to the other extreme by becoming anorexic.