BREAKING!! Ashley Tisdale Hits Trader Joe’s in Toluca Lake!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Following a quick visit to mommy’s house, the well-pampered Ashley Tisdale & stuffed-animal-like puppy named Maui did some grocery shopping together at the local Trader Joe’s in Toluca Lake. I don’t know why we bother posting Ashley Tisdale candid photos b/c let’s admit it, they’re the equivalent of watching paint dry. Having said that, Ash definitely needs to spice up her image a little with either some plastic surgery, a new hairdo or even coughing up some cash to hire an edgier stylist. I understand it’s obvious, but she’s the definition of bland Hollywood.

Most recently, Ash was busy promoting her latest animated series “Phineas & Ferb,” which premiered last Thursday. Check the red carpet pics here. With all these kiddy projects on her resume, you can kinda tell that Ashley is having some difficulty finding proper work that’s more suitable for her at this point in her career, but hey, you gotta take what you can get in this shitty economy! Let’s hope doing all these bullshit projects pleases the Hollywood Gods & someone finally throws Ash a bone by booking her for a new cash cow series on either HBO or Showtime.
Photo Credit: WENN