Selena Gomez Performs At Darien Lake Theme Park in N.Y.

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
These were snapped yesterday in upstate NY. More info on Darien Lake Theme Park here.

Kinda sad that you’re dating one of the biggest acts in entertainment and you gotta stoop to the theme park level for a tour stop. Then again, her fan base are little kids, so I guess we can’t knock on Selena too much. Plus, Selena’s entire persona & act are so manufactured that she’s probably contractually required to do whatever the record company tells her to do. We hate to pessimists, but it should be very interesting to see how this chick reacts when she finally comes to her senses and cracks.

  • spangly

    I’ve been to Darien Lake. Not a bad amusement park. Very nice place.

  • Agent666

    I love this gal, as well as her recent propensity for wearing skimpy outfits…but what the Hell is she doing wearing a bloody hijab? Have the Islamists infiltrated Disney, or something? Maybe we can get them to kidnap Justin Bieber, as a Bacha Bazi sex slave…

  • azezeal

    What is that outfit?!

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    Reminds me of Cheryl Cole minus the regrettable tattoos