Danskin: Hilary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, Padma Lakshmi, Christie Brinkley

Photo Credit: Danskin via Iconix Brand Group

The Danskin campaign and goodwill initiative titled “Move for Change” features Hilary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, Padma Lakshmi and Christie Brinkley. The campaign is representative of women being fit & fabulous at any age and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Danskin “Move for Change” campaign showcases each of the women in their own campaign creative engaging in their daily fitness routine with an inspirational quote to motivate the reader.

Hilary Duff is hiking, Jenny McCarthy is practicing yoga, Padma Lakshmi is boxing and Christie Brinkley is dancing. Danskin proudly supports each woman’s charities throughout its marketing materials and has made generous donations to each of them.