L.A.: The Marilyn Manson Freak Show @ Chateau Marmont Hotel

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Marilyn Manson & latest pasty girlfriend China Chow were spotted making a cracked-out exit from Chateau Marmot Hotel last night following the premiere of “Born Villain.” The short film, which is directed by actor Shia LaBeouf and stars Marilyn Manson, was produced as an accompaniment to Marilyn Manson’s eighth studio album and will also server as the record’s promotional trailer. The special screening was held at the Los Angeles Silent Theater.

Here’s more info about it:

The idea for the film originated after Manson attended a private screening of LaBeouf’s directorial project, “Maniac”, with American rapper Kid Cudi. Impressed, Manson commissioned the actor to create a “making-of” video documenting the album’s recording and production.

Manson and LaBeouf produced the film throughout July of 2011 under the management of California-based production company Vanderson Inc. On August 17, Sablan leaked the film’s official website on his Twitter blog. The website announced the project release date. Drummer Chris Vrenna has claimed that Born Villain is not a music video but “a full thing” based on a screenplay written by Manson. He also mentioned that the film will contain short clips of the album and it’s own score. [Source]

Photo Credit: Mariyln Manson Official Website