Vanessa Hudgens @ Candie’s 2011 MTV VMA After Party

Photo Credit: WENN

Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t or atleast photographed on the red carpet for the 2011 VMAs but nonetheless hit up the after party hosted by Candie’s, you know, the folks that she’s the current campaign girl for (nice shameless plug, huh?). Anyways, looks like you won’t be seeing her again in theaters until next year when Journey 2: The Mysterious Island hits theaters in February 2012. She stars as Kailani alongside Josh Hutcherson, The Rock, and Michael Caine. It’s the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Rosario Dawson

    quite a fat tummy and she have no breasts at all

  • lazydayz

    I think it’s because she’s actually getting fat.

  • McPerv

    Thinner than Demi Lovato but more of a fat slob. Demi rocks the full figure, Vanessa doesn’t.

  • Noah

    i agree wit ya. look at her arms. i don’t get how come these celebs who know their who income earning potential is based on their appearance just let themselves go. i mean you and me… it’s nice if we’re in great shape but our whole lives don’t depend on it. Brit-brit, Stina, and now Nessy. It’s not like they have anything to do all day: for Chris sake hire a personal trainer and get your fat asses into the gym everyday.

  • azezeal

    Pfft so overrated

  • cali-17

    I’d take Ashley Tisdale every day of the week.

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    Since when did she gain weight?


    peaked at 16 when she took her hairy bush pics, but now her time is up. Dyke haircut isn’t helping.

  • Melocotón

    Unfortunately, she gained weight in the midsection…
    She hasn’t the best face, but I always loved her body.
    Oh, pardon – I used to love it…

  • d55

    oh god….

  • spangly

    agree. I want Demi bad. Vanessa..meh.

  • Irons

    LOL, time for bolt ons and lyposuction!

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    Look like someone was sucking on her and left a bruised.