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Miranda Kerr Keeps It Simple As She Catwalks Around Paris! OWWW!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

What more can we say about Mrs. KerrBloom that we haven’t already said over the past few days? I mean, it seems like each day we have another delicious Miranda Kerr sighting as she & her family spend the week enjoying Paris Fashion Week.

Following her walk around the beautiful city, Miranda took her long legs on the runway for the French luxury brand Lanvin (same brand that sells $20K handbags).

Paris Fashion Week: Lea Michele Brings The Afternoon Links!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures
Lea Michele is swimming in so much “Glee” cash at the moment that besides dabbling at fashion shows at the Paris Fashion Week, she’s also doing some luxury shopping!

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2011 NFL Season: Week 4 Preview

Lingering comments, questions and concerns from week 3

-If I would’ve told you before the season “Hey, two of the last three unbeaten teams are going to be the Bills and the Lions” you would’ve thought either a) I was clinically insane or b) we took a time machine into the early 90s. Now while I do miss the 90s, it’s true right now in 2011. The Buffalo Bills AND the Detroit Lions are two of the teams that are still 3-0. Most people had the Lions making a huge leap this year because of their abundance of young talent but these Bills? C’mon now. I knew they had it in them to beat the Patriots but they did it in the most exciting fashion. I just think next time they need to refrain from having the winning score be a field goal in the last minute…I’m sure Bills fans would agree that they don’t want to go through that sort of suspense.

-While I’m proud of my Raiders pick, I completely missed on my Eagles-Giants pick (I see you Gabbo) so now I have no idea what to think about either team. The Giants were able to work the “elite” Eagles secondary with big plays like it was nothing. Tack on the Vick injury and the Eagles looked completely lost on offense. I also don’t know what to think of the Vikings. It’s now three weeks that they’ve had a fourth quarter lead, only to give it up and lose in the end. Just hand it to Peterson and waste time when you have a lead. If only it was that simple, right?
-I’ve always been fascinated with obscure scores when it comes to NFL games. This week featured two: A 13-8 win for the 49ers over the Bengals (did anyone watch that boring game?) and my Cowboys being too out of sync to score a touchdown but still beating the Redskins with SIX field goals. On a side note, I’m completely terrified and not looking forward to what Calvin Johnson AKA Megatron is going to do to our secondary. Even if he is on my fantasy team.

Enough of my complaining. This week’s games:

NFL Week 4 Preview

Sunday 10/2
1:00 ET
Lions AT Cowboys (-1.5)
Saints (-7) AT Jaguars
49ers AT Eagles (-9)
Redskins (-2) AT Rams
Titans AT Browns (-1)
Bills (-3) AT Bengals
Vikings (-2) AT Chiefs
Panthers AT Bears (-6)
Steelers AT Texans (-3.5)

4:05 ET
Falcons (-4.5) AT Seahawks
Giants (-1) AT Cardinals
Dolphins AT Chargers (-7)
Broncos AT Packers (-12.5)
Patriots (-4) AT Raiders

8:25 ET
Jets AT Ravens (-3.5)

Monday 10/3
8:35 ET
Colts AT Buccaneers (-10)

Game of the week
-New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens-
A great matchup to end Sunday’s day slate. I don’t see the Jets winning this game in the end but I do like this to be a very physical game. The Ravens have showed potential of being the AFC’s best team and last week, their passing game came alive. The Jets running game needs to be established early on in this game in order to beat the Ravens. Last week they were burned by the running game, so look for Ray Rice to be used early and often by Baltimore.

Upset pick of the week
-Oakland Raiders over New England Patriots-
The Patriots, led by THE Tom Brady, losing two in a row? Yes, I’m taking it. I’m riding these Oakland Raiders, especially against finesse teams like the Patriots. It’s inconceivable to think that Brady will throw four picks again but the Raiders are the kind of grind-it-out team that can sort of bully the Patriots. Oakland’s defensive line can get to Brady as well. Look for McFadden to have another monster game and as long as Jason Campbell doesn’t make huge mistakes, I’m taking the Raiders.

Close call of the week
-Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys-
I know. I said that I’m terrified that of Calvin Johnson but my Cowboys just seem to be caught in close games. It’s been nine in a row now where Dallas’ games are decided by three points or fewer. Dallas has been able to grind out games this season and if they can keep Romo somewhat protected against the beast Suh, then the Cowboys are going to be able to control the ball and the clock. Double team Johnson, double team Suh and well…let’s hope the Cowboys receivers know what the hell they’re doing this time.

STONE COLD Steve Austin LOCK of the week
-Green Bay Packers over Denver Broncos-
Even though the Packers have been in close games so far this season, they have come out victorious. I see this game as one where the Packers can finally get their defense together against a stale Broncos offense. If the Packers are going to be seen as the elite team in the NFL, this is the game to prove it. Look for Rodgers to establish a lead early due the matchup problems they present against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos could cover late but I see this one over by the 3rd quarter.

*NOTE: If my writing is completely off or any of these picks sounds absolutely crazy it’s because I’m fighting a throat infection at the moment. It doesn’t help that my girlfriend is a med student so she’s “being an expert” and giving me all kinds of medicine to make me feel better.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Says Los Angeles Has “No Community”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has made somewhat a name for herself in Hollywood for her starring role in Transformers and dating Jason Statham. However, she’s recently said that she misses England, mentioned the lack of “community” in L.A. but praised the amount of gyms available. As for upcoming roles, there’s no films in the pipeline for Rosie.

“I miss England, especially the culture and camaraderie. In Los Angeles there’s no community. But Hollywood is really geared up for fitness. The gym is something I always prioritize.” [Source]

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
Anyway, let’s direct our attention to more juicier matters. Is there anything that this woman puts on her body that doesn’t spew extreme amounts with class & glamour? It’s amazing b/c there’s always an outfit or two that makes most women give the skanky-ho vibe, but that’s not the case with Rosie. You can put her catwalk down the street wearing a thong bikini & stripper shoes and I bet she’ll pull it off flawlessly! If anyone has evidence of Rosie looking like a prostitute, please comment with photos below!

These pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Rosie ran some errands around Beverly Hills (errands = luxury shopping).

2011 MLB Playoff Preview

2011 MLB Playoff Preview

Unless you’re over the age 40 or have a decent team, you’re probably not interested in this year’s MLB playoff matchups. I’ll be honest. I’ve been a sort of fair-weather fan when it comes to my Texas Rangers. I used to attend their games in late 90s when they’d win division titles but most fans knew that inevitably all those teams were just bait to some of the greatest Yankees teams in the postseason. That all changed last season when the underdog Rangers went on a magical run throughout the playoffs that eventually ended losing in the World Series to Bryan’s fluke (you know it’s true) San Francisco Giants. It was a terrible ending to a magical season. Think about it: they went from never winning a single playoff series to winning the AL pennant. Crazy, huh?

That is, until you realize what happened last night in what most people think is the craziest night in the history of American baseball. A night of historic comebacks and historic collapses. I’m going to be sensitive to Freep and any other Red Sox and/or Braves fans and not go into too much detail. In a span of 89 minutes four different games changed the 2011 playoffs. Three of those four games came down to the final pitch, hit or play. Boston and Atlanta went through some of the greatest collapses in baseball history. Both had significant leads in the respective divisions earlier this month but both clubs fell to incredible comebacks by both the Rays and the Cardinals. It’s hard to imagine anything more exciting than what happened last night (yes, I just used baseball and exciting in the same sentence) but as always, the playoffs are another level entirely.

On to this season’s Division Series matchups and my very uneducated predictions:

National League

-Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers-
Game 1: 10/1 2:07 ET
At the beginning of this season, most baseball fans wouldn’t have picked either of these teams to make the playoffs, let alone win their divisions. Two small market teams with big hopes of making a splash this postseason. I think that if Ian Kennedy (Arizona’s ace) can help the D-Backs steal the first game in Milwaukee then I’d give Arizona a real chance. Although, I don’t see them having enough pure firepower in their bats to keep up with the Brewers. The quality bullpen of the Brewers is terrific and the lack of playoff experience on the D-Backs is only going to make things more difficult for them to score.
Prediction: Brewers in 4

-St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies-
Game 1: 10/1 5:07 ET
Some people consider the Phillies to have one of the greatest starting rotations of all time. Some people think that they HAVE to win the World Series or else the season is considered a failure. Then you have the Cardinals. I’m a person that will never underestimate a team that is hot going into the playoffs. Not only are they hot, they’re a veteran team. St. Louis has been here and I have a feeling that they’re not intimidated by the Phillies superior pitching. The Cardinals won’t be caught up in the hype because they have nothing to lose. All the pressure is on Philadelphia. Can the Cardinals take the series? I wouldn’t bet on it. I would bet on this series going all the way though.
Prediction: Phillies in 5

American League

-Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees-
Game 1: 9/30 8:37 ET
I think this will be the greatest series of all four. It’s especially evident this year when the Tigers have the best pitcher in baseball going against the juggernaut that is the New York Yankees. Detroit’s Justin Verlander has the talent and the skill to take on the Yankee’s ace CC Sabathia and beat him. If the Tigers can steal game 1, I think they have what it takes to beat the Yankees. Wishful thinking because well…the Yankees win. That’s just what they’ve been doing for the past, I don’t know, century? I also think the Tigers offense can keep up with the Yankees. Having said that (terrible sports cliché but whatever) if the games are close, it’s nearly impossible to beat the Yankees. They have the greatest closer in baseball’s history. It’s going to be closer than most would expect.
Prediction: Yankees in 5

-Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers-
Game 1: 9/30 5:01 ET
Of course I saved my Rangers until the very end. What else did you expect? I actually think this year’s Rangers team is actually better than last years, even without ace Cliff Lee. The Rangers made significant signings and are poised for another magical run. The Rays are coming off an incredible comeback to win the wild card but it’s going to be tough for the Rays to win game 1 without David Price being the starting pitcher. He’s their ace but having pitched Thursday, don’t expect him to be back until the series heads back to Florida. The Rays have all the momentum but the Rangers have a superior infield and a bullpen that can keep and hold leads late in games.
Prediction: Rangers in 4

Vampirella Paula Labaredas Did A Scandalous Shoot @ Meltdown Comics!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Once you bastards check the rest of the photos, you’ll soon figure out why we couldn’t lead with our usual full body shots. She’s wearing a one-piece, but some of the pieces in the middle & back are missing, so we’re playing it safe.

Staying true to her reputation of being the hardest working D-Lister in Hollywood, Paula took her freaky craziness to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood where she shot a commercial for the upcoming documentary “ComicCosplay,” directed by Dave Edwards. Sadly we don’t have the behind the scenes footage of Dave Edwards & Paula, but I’m sure that’ll be included in the documentary’s deleted scenes section of the DVD. OW!!

Dream House: Movie Review

Visit the film’s official website!

Dream House aspires to be a thriller in the traditional sense, but is ultimately a suspenseful whodunit without any of the thrill. It had potential to be something unusual and interesting, but for whatever reason, the screenwriter and director (Jim Sheridan, of In The Name of the Father fame) decided to follow formula to such a fault that you sadly know how things will turn out since you’ve seen this movie before in its various unimaginative, derivative incarnations. The very fact that it’s named Dream House instantly evokes the idea that it is nothing short of a nightmare. Why is avoiding cliché such a herculean task for Hollywood? Perhaps that’s why the film has been kept hidden from critics in advance of its release . . . the auguries are clearly not in favor for an emerging critical darling.

Whatever the reason, here is the synopsis: Will Atenton (Craig) leave his dream job in Manhattan (where else?) to settle his family in a quaint New England town (where else?) where strange and spooky things begin to happen. He and his wife (the gorgeous Rachel Weisz) soon discover that the home they just moved into is infamous as the site where a woman and her two children were once murdered. Yeah. Spine Tingle. Shiver. Yawn.

Their neighbor, Ann Patterson, (played by a criminally underused Naomi Watts) is none too eager to discuss what may have transpired at the time of the murders. Could she possibly know more than she is letting on? Gasp. I think so.

To its credit, the film does keep the viewer guessing for most of the first half, though you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out what will eventually unfold. Especially good use is made of the couple’s young daughters (played by Claire and Taylor Geare) who are incredibly charming and believable as innocents ensnared in a diabolical situation. Craig (cast as Daddy Homemaker) takes a few minutes to ease into his role, but once he does, he is as credible as Weisz, with whom he shares a good deal of onscreen chemistry. That, in the end, will be what the film is remembered for: its depiction of quaint family utopia upended by something that purports to be thrilling, but is really just another manifestation of banal cinematic pseudo psychosis. A tepid Y.A.W.N.

Movies Opening This Weekend: September 30th, 2011

50/50 Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard [Official Website]

Dream House Starring: Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Rachel Fox [Official Website]

What’s Your Number? Starring: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Ari Graynor [Official Website]

Also opening in limited release:

Courageous Starring: Alex Kendrick, Rusty Martin, Jr., Renee Jewell, Ken Bevel [Official Website]

Take Shelter Starring: Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Shea Whigham, Katy Mixon [Official Website]

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Starring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden [Official Website]

Ashley Tisdale Workout Sponsored By New Balance

Photo Credit: WENN

Ashley Tisdale and Leah Remini recently made a Funny or Die video to mock TLC’s Toddlers and Tiara’s. Ashley plays Mackenzie, a former beauty pageant queen, while Leah plays her crazy mother. Aside from that, she’s currently unemployed considering her last effort, CW’s Hellcats wasn’t renewed for a second season.

Maria Menounos Wore 7 For All Mankind Denim Shorts at The Grove

Photo Credit: WENN

Maria Menounos recently made news by telling us she’s freezing her eggs. She’s been in a 13-year relationship with Keven Undergaro and at 33 years old, she’s still having fun and if it means putting off having kids the natural way until their ready at age 40, then that’s what they plan to do. She says that they want to be 100% committed to being ready to start a family and see this freezing of eggs as an insurance policy.

“They say time goes by when you’re having fun — I’m having fun,. I’m living my dreams … I realized I might be a candidate.”

“It’s a bit of an insurance policy. It doesn’t mean in two years, in three years, I’m not going to try to conceive naturally.” [Source]

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