• McPerv

    I would. I have a weakness for freckles.

  • gallosai

    You can do better man.

  • Leni

    The hair color looks hideous on her. Why can’t she go back to red hair, I don’t get it. I know she can’t change her skin, but god, I really think it’s disgusting.

  • skilligan

    man she NEEDS some sun

  • McPerv

    She has been getting sun, that’s why she has so many freckles. More sun will only darken and increase the number of freckles.

  • paulypaul

    Yeah as Leni said, she needs to go back to red hair. I still want to have carnal pleasures with her though.

  • McPerv

    Yeah, the white hair almost makes her look like an albino. But just so there’s no confusion, I’d still do her.

  • dims

    She looks terrible.

  • dims

    Why would anyone want to have sex with her? She looks like a zombie and her body is not even nice.

  • FallenRawToast

    zombies need love too

  • the_real_hunter

    No way I’d hit that. She is so gross.