Elisabetta Canalis Shows Her Stomach @ “DWTS” Rehearsal

Photo Credit: WENN

Elisabetta Canalis was once again photographed after rehearsal for the upcoming season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. As we already mentioned previously, Elisabetta is currently the odds-on favorite at 3-1 mainly because she’s the hottest and fittest looking contestant but none of us actually know if she has any coordination, well, atleast we don’t. As a reminder, the new season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars premieres on September 19th at 8/7c.

  • Leni

    I love a curvy body like Kelly Brook, but I also appreciate a slender body like Elisabetta’s. She’s hot, not beautiful but her body is very nice.

  • Mundo

    Well I don’t know, but it’s either her pants or she’s reallt missing an ass…I dont’ think that looks very appealing..

  • Mundo

    I meant really, trying to write on a touchpad is not that easy….

  • KobeBryan

    My kind of ass.

  • JonYo

    She is entirely uninteresting.

  • salma

    I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want!

  • d55


  • Nookies

    My peen?