Pippa Middleton Starts Her 28th Birthday With a Morning Latte

Photo Credit: WENN

Pippa Middleton, Kate’s younger sister whom the world is obsessed with, turns 28 years old today. To my knowledge, we still have not heard her speak and predominately see her either grabbing her morning latte like above or going for a jog, otherwise what has she done aside from being photographed from behind that garners our attention? We hit up Pippa’s Wiki page and found this entry regarding her “busy life”:

Middleton currently works two days a week for her parents’ company Party Pieces, editing the web magazine Party Times. [Wiki]

  • Dr. Smooth

    Yeah Even I Don’t Buy Her Being 28 Either & I’m A “Dr.” But Damn I Ain’t Gonna Lie I’d F*ck Her Silly. Love The Cut Of The Dress & Those Legs w/ The Boots Whew!!! What Can I Say Other Than She’s Got A Certain Something About Her. Not In My Top 30 But Hey What Do You Do. Excuse Me……..

  • crackrocks

    this bitch is the anti-boner giver

  • I Am Right

    I agree, doc. Studies show 9 times out of 10, the less attractive sister is better in bed than the more attractive sister.

  • azezeal

    Sure it aint 38?

  • Dr. Smooth

    Very True! Learned That 1 Awhile Ago. Sure My Ex-Girl Was Sexy But Her Sister Whew!!!

  • mimii

    shes a leech, hate her

  • Good Morning Vietnam

    Latte in german means ‘wood’….muah muah!