“The Moth Diaries” Red Carpet @ The 68th Venice Film Festival

Photo Credit: Ian Wilson/WENN.com

The stars of the upcoming Irish-Canadian horror film “The Moth Diaries” were on hand for the big premiere event last night at the 68th Venice Film Festival. Also starring supermodel Lily Cole, the film is based on a novel by the same name by Rachel Klein. Here’s more about the story:

“The Moth Diaries” tells the story of a mentally ill student at an all-girl boarding school. Bolger will play the girl (unnamed in the original text) with Cole and Gadon as two of her friends. Though the specific roles are not listed, Gadon is likely playing Lucy Blake, the protagonist’s roommate, with Cole as Ernessa, a mysterious friend to Blake who Bolger’s character begins to suspect may be a vampire. Speedman, meanwhile, is confirmed to play a professor that Bolger’s character develops a crush on. [Source]