Don’t Feel Too Sorry For Kate Gosselin & Her New Audi TT!

Photo Credit: INF Photo

After stating in a recent interview that life’s tough following her TLC show cancellation and that she might have to return to her nursing gig in order to make ends meet, reality TV star Kate Gosselin was spotted cruising around in her Audi TT in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania a couple days ago. For someone who’s known for whoring out her kids to sustain a lavish lifestyle, she’s certainly doesn’t give a shit about what others think.

When poked by the papz about the purchase, she conveniently claimed that the sports car isn’t new, but used, and that she got a great deal on it. She also stated that she made the purchased prior to her TLC reality show getting cancelled.

Anyway, Kate’s post-workout fashion didn’t hint at financial troubles, either. She was wearing Asics running shoes, shorts from Under Armor & Gucci sunglasses. Here’s a closer look at the workout kicks:
Photo Credit: INF Photo

  • Boz

    Not giving any fuck.

  • FallenRawToast

    CPS still hasnt freed the kids from this bitch?

  • ninja…

    I bet those kids ripped her vagina to shreds. I’m thinking arbys…

  • annak

    I feel sorry for her children. They have to look at that bitch face of hers and will most likely need a lot of therapy in the future.
    I sincerely hope she crashes and dies.