Leilani Dowding Joins The Cast of VH1’s “Tough Love: Miami”

Photo Credit: Bullivantmedia Ltd

Leilani Dowding is set to star On VH1’s, 10 episode reality show Tough Love: Miami Where she enlists the help of celebrity match maker “Steve Ward” to help her find a man and find out where she has been going wrong in relationships.

Leilani a former Miss Great Britain and pin up girl has appeared in countless tabloids and magazines. Even though she is used to being seen scantily clad, she ironically owns a hugly successful, young, hip and classy clothing line called Leiluna Collection. She has also appeared on numerous TV shows in her home country such as Celebrity Fear Factor, Celebrity Wrestling, Drop the celebrity, and The Weakest Link, Page 3 girl episode

Formerly engaged to 2 soccer players and previously married to Richie Palmer, owner of “Mullberry St Pizza” and previously married to Raquel Welch, Leilani has a history of failed relationships and probably needs all the help she can get Leilani has a long way to come in find the right man to settle down with and becoming the right person herself.

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