Mila Kunis’s Iced-Coffee Run Sponsored By Nike & Adidas!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

The Russian-Ukranian-flavored eye-vodka was spotted heading to her car following a quick iced-coffee run after hitting the gym with a friend. As always, Mila pimped her favorite brands which included Nike kicks, an Adidas track jacket & not to mention, a somewhat sweaty pair of black leggings. Here’s a closer look at the kicks:
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • eliza

    Mmmm I love ice-coffee…. Mila looks good too. 🙂

  • Cat46

    Sorry Mila, you’re really hot but I still won’t watch your stupid movie.

  • sexybunnie

    She’s beautiful but looking a lil bit frumpy here. Short little cuties look frumpier easier than a tall,statuesque woman.