Dublin: Lian Schreuder & Maitlyn Simmons Hot For Hunky Dory’s!

Photo Credit: WENN

Damn, what’s up with all these hot chicks doing promotional work in Dublin as of late? Last week, we had the pleasure of featuring models Holly Carpenter & Rozanna Purcell as they pimped Dubliner Irish Whiskey & now it’s time for the equally delicious Lian Schreuder & Maitlyn Simmons helping to launch a new calendar for Hunky Dory’s chips. I’ve never tasted a bag of Hunky Dory’s before, but from the looks of these pics, they can’t be that bad, right?

This goes without saying, but American snacks company Frito Lays needs to get their shit together and start using hot chicks to promote their classic snacks b/c I’m really craving some Hunky Dory’s right now.
Photo Credit: Largo Food Brands