Paris Curb Watch: Avril Lavigne Leads w/ Left Foot Stepping Up Curb!! (Also Brody Jenner!)

Photo Credit: Splash News Online; INF Photo

These were snapped earlier today as Avril Lavigne was spotted hitting L’Avenue restaurant in Paris for Lunch with her temporary boyfriend Brody Jenner. Surprsingly, the couple have been together for more than a year now and they’ve even started getting matching tattoos.

Most recently Avril & her boy-toy got matching lighting bolt tats (Avril on her wrist & Brody under his ear). This follows Avril getting the name “Brody” (regrettably) tattooed under her right breast. Knowing Avril, she’s probably paying a little more & using the special ink that you can erase regrettable tats after you change your mind a few years down the road.

And, as we always do, let’s zoom in on Avril attacking that Paris curb…Ladies, it’s all about technique!!
Photo Credit: INF Photo