Ladies Who Attended The Roberto Cavalli Boutique Launch

Photo Credit: WENN

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards and all the Pre-Emmy parties were the only hottie gatherings over the weekend. Over across the pond in London, ladies came out for the Roberto Cavalli boutique launch as part of London Fashion Week. You’re probably looking at the 8 ladies we decided to post and notice that 4 of the 5 members of The Saturdays are included. Well, we just weren’t impressed with Vanessa White’s contribution to the hottie scale so decided to pass. Otherwise, we were pleasantly surprised to see Ana Beatriz Barros attending. Source cited her as Noemie Lenoir, which is completely wrong hence why Ana ended up in the second group.

  • RDouble365

    Get me some Ana AND Rosario!!!!!

  • FoxyRoxy

    Frankie has a nice body but I don’t like her nose and small mouth.

  • The Devil

    Gimme Ana B, Frankie, and Rosario.

  • azezeal

    What is ana wearing?

  • mooty

    if ana’s dress was shorter and with out the frilly shit or maybe just didn’t have frilly stuff, i’d be way happier and I’m a big fan of frankie but it looks like she’s 12 wearing her mothers dress… all that said, Una for me

  • Larry Sanders

    Holly Valance is so cute. Her body is outrageous too.

    Amazing woman.