Red Carpet Favorites @ 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Photo Credit: WENN

With regards to fashion, it appears as if a lot of primetime ladies played it safe & favored the color red as they strutted their goods on the red carpet at the Nokia Theatre last night in Los Angeles. We were hoping for slightly more daring outfits, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the 2012 award season to roll around in January to see what else these women have to offer.

As for awards, Emmy ceremony host Jane Lynch summed it up beautifully when she returned from commercial with, “Welcome back to the ‘Modern Family’ awards!” The show bagged numerous wins including Emmys for best comedy, first-time wins for Julie Bowen Ty Burrell in the supporting acting slots, as well as Emmys for directing and writing. Many congrats to the cast & crew for keeping the cash cow moo’ing along beautifully!

For a full list of nominees & winners, hit the official website!
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN

  • Bowser

    Nina murdered the competition. Beautiful face and a perfect body.

  • Nookies

    I’m curious as to how these girls go about picking dresses, since they don’t use the same designers, stylist do the stylist call each other up and be like “Nina claimed the so and so dress”

    To avoid embarrassing doubles?

  • Nookies

    Game Of Thrones got robbed. At least the little guy won the supporting actor

  • ObeyYourGod

    Is there any show (award, sitcom, or cartoon) that Jane Lynch doesn’t host, guest star or star on. As Men at Work would say, “It’s just overkill.”

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    I’m picking Kate Winslet as the winner here. She’s getting better with age.

    Nina looks very good, and hopefully she packs on a few lbs.

  • FoyFoy

    Nina wins. she’s a goddess

    Kate does look fantastic and I loved it when she won


  • dims

    I go for Diana. I still don’t think Nina is anything special. You guys can have her.

  • dims

    Ew. I have never seen Sofia look this bad, she looks like a hyena.

  • FoyFoy

    Also, Dianna, you are stunning but goddamn what are you doing in that dress? DX

  • HarryHooray

    Noel’s girl brought the heat and Harry’s girl brought the blues.

  • McPerv

    Nina’s killing it here.

  • dinodan

    Nina has a great shape for tight fitting dresses.

  • KobeBryan

    Yeah Friday Night Lights!!!!

    I grew up watching this shit.

    Skinny Aimee <3

  • dillan

    The best looking girl here is Nina. Dress and all. And thank god she changed her massive eyebrows.
    Adrianne and Dianna look great too.
    I never liked Sofia, to me she’s ugly. And Heidi is starting to look old.
    I love Kate but all of the dresses she’s worn lately were at least one size too small.

  • FoyFoy

    Aimee looked bloody gorgeous!! Aimee seriously just keeps getting hotter and hotter

  • KobeBryan

    Competition? Theres not even any competition.

    Well, maybe Dianna(so harry won’t kill me).

  • eliza

    Kate is my fav. I don’t usually like Nina but damn she looks gorgeous here!

  • Pretty In Purple

    Nina and Kerry.

  • cali-17

    No comments on Lea Michelle here. Perhaps because she looks like a linebacker in that dress. Poor girl.

  • AlinaMaria

    Sofia looks amazing!!!

  • RDouble365

    Wow!! There some hotting up in here!! Where do you start I think I will stop at Page 2 for now……

    Sofia and Nina look pretty damn hot!!!!

  • Some Guy

    I don’t like red dresses.

  • salma

    Sofia, Kate and Nina

  • salma


    who is the last lady?

  • Cat46

    Nina, Gwyneth and Kate for me. Sofia’s face looks weird on that picture.

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    I always thought Kate Winslet was pretty damn hot. But blonde hair doesn’t match her.

  • the_real_hunter

    Lean Michele is so annoying and unattractive.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    Not enough leg action (part 2)

  • FoxyRoxy

    Sofia’s face is really harsh, I never found her attractive.
    Nina’s face looks better than it has in a long time, she must have read people’s comments about her eyebrows(eyebrows make a huge difference), and her body looks good in that dress.
    I like Kerry’s dress.
    <3 Kate.
    Dianna is so pretty and I love jewel tone dresses.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    I like what Gwinny is wearing, the lil adultress :p

  • FoxyRoxy

    I agree, it washes her out. She should go back to her beautiful deep red Titanic hair color.