Ladies Who Attended Another Pre-Emmys Cocktail Reception

Photo Credit: WENN

This Pre-Emmy Party honored the nominees for Outstanding Performances but nonetheless was the same as every other Pre-Emmy party but with this one, they got ultra hottie MILF Sarah Shahi to attended alongside other ultra hottie MILF Sofia Vergara. We’re guessing that Sarah’s Fairly Legal won’t be winning any Emmy Awards anytime soon and Sarah probably won’t be taking home any Outstanding Actress awards either but it’s nice to see that event organizers know who the invitee list should include if they want to get our attention.

  • Guillermo

    Haveta go with the best chi-chi’s here…

  • FoxyRoxy

    What’s Sarah doing and why does her hair look so fried?

  • The Devil


    The Joker?

    I mean, even she admitted that she looks like a tranny recently.

    I mean, she was top 10-20 in the world for a long time, but nowadays?


  • Leni

    She’s been looking like shit lately, it’s like she’s aged 10 years in 2 months. Her hair once was her best feature next to her smile, now it looks dry as hell, look how shiny her hair was here:,2

  • d55

    sofia’s all woman and sexy but I like aimee’s face better even though her only appeal is cute, next door girl.

  • FoxyRoxy

    She looked great there, her hair looked so thick and lustrous.

  • JPRichardson

    Sofia is awsome, but 15 years ago was PERFECT.

  • d55

    Except for her bobble head, she looks very nice there. Wow, she aged really fast.

  • Irons

    Aimee is super cute, I’m in total lust ever since the bikini pics a month or so ago.

  • Dr. Smooth

    Sofia>Aimee>Sarah(in a better & shorter dress)>Julie(she can look better but I’d still hit)