Sugar Daddy Sean Penn & Girlfriend Stacey Koplin Enjoying NYC!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

I guess it’s all true! Regardless of a chick’s given hotness level, deep-pocketed dudes who are capable of bagging hot chicks will ultimately get bored and move on to someone else. That’s the only explanation we have when it comes to wondering how & why a guy like Sean Penn can replace ex-girlfriend Scarlett Johansson with a girl like Stacey Koplin.

These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon in NYC as the two-time Academy Award winner went for a post/pre-love-making stroll on Madison Ave with his new 26-year old sex-toy. The couple surfaced in the big city following a prolonged sexual hiatus back at Sean’s pimp-pad in Beverly Hills. Sean Penn & Scarlett Johansson broke up back in June.

And, here’s Scarlett reaction her (old) man’s new girlfriend:
Photo Credit: INF Photos