Sofia Vergara Promotes Her K-Mart Clothing Line “Sofia”

Photo Credit: WENN

Sofia Vergara has a clothing line but unlike all the other celebs who have a partnership with Kohl’s, Sofia Vergara is plugging her designs at budget-friendly K-Mart. We’re pretty sure that she doesn’t wear any of the items in the collection. Check out “Sofia” by Sofia Vergara at the K-Mart website. Catch Sofia as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family on Wednesdays at 9/8c and for more info, visit Modern Family at

The inaugural collection — think sassy sexpot on a budget — includes things like sequined animal-print T-shirts ($16.99), ruched, sweater-knit miniskirts ($24.99), lace-sleeved knit dresses ($36.99) and double-zip faux leather jackets ($59.99). The closest thing we could find to the aforementioned “tiger-print undies” was a leopard-print bustier dress with corset detailing (pictured on Vergara in the above photo, $44.99). [Source]


    hahahaha her face scares me! It looks like there is a huge caterpillar on her forehead…. her face is making me laugh so hard here. I do like her tho..

  • General Delacroix

    I know she didn’t mean a single word when she said it, but she does look like a tranny.

  • annak

    I always thought she was overrated and annoying. glad to see some people are starting the realize that.

  • annak


  • FoxyRoxy

    Is there a celeb left who doesn’t have a clothing line? It’s getting ridiculous.

  • Willy Wallace

    She is way too cocky. I like women who are humble with a touch of insecurity. Rachael Weisz would be a good example.

  • RDouble365

    I would beat that, NO questions asked!!!

  • the kitten

    yep, her outfit looks very kmart. hideous. i can already imagine trashy fat women buying up her 16 dollar polyester unflattering colored made in china shirts now at kmarts everywhere

  • Evelina

    Wow…who comes up with all these shitty clothes??? They are so cheap looking… STOP THE MADNESSSSSS!!!!

  • spangly

    I personally like that cheap but sexy clothes are being sold at stores like Kmart. I hate frumpy. My entire life I have seen women dress frumpy. If you have a semi decent figure, wear something satiny and shiny and feminine. Fuck flannel and the whole dressing like a man thing. Sophia knows her sexuality anyway.

  • mimii

    eww annoying accent