Vanessa Hudgens Already Busted Her New Audi S5 Convertible!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Judging by her clothes, it’s fairly obvious that Vanessa Hudgens woke up yesterday feeling a little desperate for attention. I guess she’s working out like crazy as of late & wants everybody who calls her chubby to know that she cleans-up very nicely.

The former Disney star was spotted walking around L.A. wearing a pair of bikini-bottom-sized-short-shorts, high heels and an overpriced vintage tee. Oh yeah, we forgot about that giant, metal crucifix hanging from her neck—I’m sure Jesus would be absolutely delighted to see that!

Anyway, as we reported in the summer, Vanessa recently upgraded her old Audi A5 to a 2011 S5 convertible and we’re sad to say that V’s new ride already has a huge dent on the back bumper. Maybe that’s why she & her sister have been biking around as of late?