Paul McCartney Marries Nancy Shevell; Her New Title: Lady McCartney

Photo Credit: WENN

Even though Paul McCartney, who hit 69 earlier this year, has slept with hundreds of women over the years and can continue satisfying himself with on/off sex & Viagra-fueled relationships, why does he insist on these temporary long-term relationships and keep risking his dwindling stash? Is it an endless quest to add some legitimacy to his love life & convince himself that he’s a man-whore? I don’t get it.

His third & latest temporary companion down the isle was 51-year old American businesswoman Nancy Shevell. The couple had been dating since November 2007. Lady McCartney even offered a pre-nup, but Paul, like a dumbass, refused to sign one. We’re gonna assume Paul’s judgement was clouded by the possibility that he was offered the pre-nup right before or right after sex b/c why would a man who just paid roughly $50 million to settle his last divorce not want to protect his assets?! Once again, I don’t get it.

Anyway, these pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple celebrated their wows with a small ceremony held at Marylebone Town Hall in London. Roughly 30 close family & friends were on hand to share the moment.