NYC: George Clooney & Stacy Keibler @ “The Descendants” Premiere

Photo Credit: WENN

These were snapped last night as the couple attended the premiere of George’s latest film “The Descendants” during the 49th Annual New York Film Festival. Seeing how he’s such a celebrity activist, I wonder if George paid a visit to Occupy Wall Street while in NYC? Then again, is George Clooney a member of the elite 1% that the protesters are against or is that honor reserved only for billionaires?

Anyway, Look below for more about his new film. I caught the trailer when I hit “Ides of March” last week and I gotta admit, I wasn’t too impressed.

Matt King, an owner of ancestral land in Hawaii, tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a serious boating accident[4] and falls into a coma.[3] Under pressure from different factions to sell his land, he belatedly learns a disturbing secret about his wife. [Source]

And finally, judging by the huge-ass smile on Stacy Keibler’s face, it’s fairly obvious she’s enjoying her time in the limelight! As for George, let’s just say he has a little fun with Stacy away from the limelight. Since we don’t need much of an excuse to plug Stacy’s #1 asset (legs), here’s a quick primer for all of you bastards wondering why George is currently hooking up with Stacy (we’re going old school w/ these!):

Stacy Keibler & Her Sexy Legs @ 2007 Movies Rock
Stacy Keibler Tugs The Rope Of Love In March 2006 Stuff Mag
Stacy Keibler: From Wrestling Stripper to Church Girl

Photo Credit: Splash News Online; WENN

  • annak

    with all the money and fame he has, he can A LOT better. honestly, she is so average and boring. weird/creepy face and busted feet.

  • Gabbo

    Good for Stacy, finally in a pic with George. Not sure why they came separately to events for the last month, so something is definitely up.