BREAKING!! Amanda Seyfried Rocks New Balance on her Dog Walk!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing Olivia Wilde walking her dog around NYC and today it’s her “In Time” co-star Amanda Seyfried who was spotted doing the same thing, except in Los Angeles. These were snapped yesterday afternoon as the “Red Riding Hood” star was seen walking to Runyon Canyon.

Anyway, ahead of the film’s big release later this month on October 28, the studio, “In Time” director Andrew Niccol and various other people are being hit with a lawsuit alleging plagiarism of a short story by fiction writer Harlan Ellison. Long story short, the suit is demanding an injunction against the film’s release. You can find details at Hollywood Reporter.

And finally, here’s a closer look at Amanda’s dog walking kicks:
Photo Credit: Splash News Online