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Afternoon Celebrity Leftovers Bring The Links!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News (Nicole Richie, Isla Fisher & Heidi Klum); Fame Pictures (Jessica ALba), Splash News (Jill Martin)
All photos snapped earlier today: Isla Fisher: Drops daughter off in L.A.
Jill Martin: From ‘Today’ in a bikini in Miami.
Heidi Klum: Pimps her new fragrance “Shine” at Walgreens in Times Square.
Jessica Alba: Lookin’ hot while grabbing a coffee.
Nicole Richie: Working out in L.A.

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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

L.A.: So, Who Hit The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Viewing Party?

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Do they even invite normal dudes to these things b/c I pretty sure most heterosexual dudes end up exploding while being surrounded by the likes of Miranda Kerr & Alessandra Ambrosio, not to mention the “throwaway” Angels like Lily Aldridge & Courtney Hansen. Whatever the case, in celebration of last night’s big VS Fashion Show, CBS hosted a viewing party at the Samueli Theater at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. Although, they should’ve coughed up some extra dough & gotten Candice Swanepoel to fly over from NYC, as well. I guess Candice’s after party & runway pics will have to suffice for the time being.

Again, for those of you who’ve been on another planet, you can get a taste of the VS Fashion Show here.

NYC: Pregnant Jessica Simpson @ Baby-Daddy Eric Johnson @ FFaNY Awards

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; FAME Pictures; INF Photos

Ok, how did this chick go from hiding her pregnancy a few weeks ago to now being seven months pregnant all of a sudden? Very odd, but nonetheless, we’re happy to see Jessica Simpson finally embracing her pregnancy w/ belly-bump-friendly clothes on & off the red carpet.

The formal pics were snapped last night at the FFaNY Awards (Fashion Footwear Association of New York) held at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art. She attended the event with former NFL tight-end & current baby-daddy, Eric Johnson. The more candid pics of Jessica rocking the long, grey, body-hugging maxi dress was snapped earlier today as she stepped out for some good ‘ole shopping in the big city.

Cabo: Nathalie Sorensen & Sugar Daddy Christian Audigier

Photo Credit: WENN

Nathalie Sorensen and her Sugar Daddy, Christian Audigier, spent time in Cabo San Lucas without his kids. We’re not sure how old exactly Nathalie is but we do know that this relationship isn’t going to last once she realizes that she’s gotten enough free clothes and used Mr. Audigier for as many free trips to exotic destinations, yacht rides, and stays in 5-star resorts. With a body like Nathalie, why not use a dude while it’s possible, right? Chicks like her know that he’s in it for the young fresh meat and the trade-off of paying for everything from Mr. Audigier’s perspective is worth it since he’s got more than enough money coming in.

BREAKING!! Katherine Heigl Rocks Red Scarf To Battle L.A. Cold

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

The always-fashionable Katherine Heigl was was seen jetting to her car in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. Recently, the “Knocked Up” star appeared in a video for Funny or Die titled “Katherine Heigl Hates Balls,” which she’s using to promote her new campaign to encourage spaying & neutering pets. Check it out below:

BREAKING!! Jessica Alba Buys Tall Coffee From Starbucks!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as Jessica Alba was spotted walking back to her after hitting up a Starbucks in Beverly Hills. Way to support local business, J!

Anyway, latest news from a career standpoint, J. Alba was recently booked for her first voiceover gig for the upcoming kid’s flick “Escape From Planet Earth,” which also features voices by Sarah Jessica Parker & Brenden Fraser. I guess this is the last phase of Jessica’s career before she goes into early retirement.

Bikini-Flavored Pick-Me-Up: Alyssa Miller Wants Your Attention

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Some of you guys might remember that supermodel Alyssa Miller made her bikini debut in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The 21-year old American model was also one of the brave hotties who sat around for hours while some lucky body-painting bastard created “horndogg art” on her body.

Here’s Alyssa getting into some body paint:

Australia: Hi-5 Band Member Lauren Brant Shows Off Her Bikini Bod!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know much about this chick b/c before these bikini pics, we hadn’t even heard of her name. According to Wikipedia, Lauren Brant is a member of the band Hi-5, which is an Australian children’s musical group. Judging by the band’s website, it looks like a kid’s TV show you’d see on PBS (check out Lauren’s fan page).

Anyway, these pics were snapped earlier this month (Nov. 19) in Queensland as Lauren had fun on the beach with her boyfriend, “Big Brother” contestant Ed Cherry. The couple weren’t afraid of dishing-out some PDA as they were pretty much having ocean sex in front of nosy members of the paparazzi.

Inside the Tube – New Girl Edition -“Bells” (Season 1, Episode 7)

So there is both good news and bad news to share on last night’s episode of New Girl. The good news was that the show finally tried to do something with Winston besides having him be the token black guy who just happens to be there all the time. The bad news is that it was probably the weakest episode thus far in what has been a strong freshman season.

Winston, it seems, is in a bit of a professional funk (so are 15 million Americans, black guy who isn’t Coach). He just doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life after having played pro basketball in Lithuania. He’s stuck in a temp job stuffing envelopes for a living at the moment. And when I say moment, I mean it, because he gets fired pretty quickly after trying to have fun at his job. Fun is for payroll employees, silly temp!

Jess – in her unending campaign to be as ‘adorkable’ as possible – brings home a ragtag band of detention misfits whom nobody believes in and does what she can to infuse them with self esteem. But they can ring bells (albeit rather badly) which it turns out Winston has a knack for. Go fig.

So Winston becomes their de facto coach (oh the irony!) but ends up taking all the fun out of it. When will he learn that you don’t approach middle school group bell ringing with the lightness of a Nazi Death Camp Director? Lighten up, Winston, it’s a situation comedy.

Schmidt and Nick got into it as best friends who are essentially a nonsexual couple (remember Will and Grace?) who can’t stand certain things about the other: Nick doesn’t like that Schmidt dismisses his handy ways and is constantly hiring people to fix his problems, while Schmidt thinks Nick has chosen a life of unnecessary trial and difficulty by opting out of law school and choosing to work as a bartender. How did he put it? Oh yeah: “Like a loser.”


There was a lot going on in the episode – perhaps a bit too much. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as funny as it could have been (I only recall laughing out loud twice). Schmidt still scores top comic points for his ridiculous riffs on everything from sushi to organic woven rugs to the now fabled theme of his bar mitzvah.

Methinks the problem was the writers still have no idea what to do with Winston. If they don’t figure it out soon, I hope he gets replaced with Cece, who isn’t just drop dead gorgeous but is a lot more fun to watch.

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