Beverly Hills: Selena Gomez @ Fulfillment Fund’s “2011 Stars Gala”

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures; WENN

These were snapped last night at the Fulfillment Fund’s “2011 Stars Gala” held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to collect a few bucks from hardworking celebrities & in turn, help them feel better about themselves. Others in attendance included Eva Longoria, Jason Segel, Sidney Poitier and others.

For those of you who don’t know much about the organization, here’s more info:

As a college access organization, the Fulfillment Fund provides first-generation, low-income students with the support necessary to graduate from high school and go on to college.

Through classroom instruction, college counseling, mentoring and scholarships, we transform the lives of students, beginning in high school and extending to college graduation.

Our impact spans beyond the students we serve directly. They, in turn, influence siblings, peers and their community by becoming role models, volunteers, mentors and donors. [Source]

  • Pretty In Purple

    She looks nice here.

  • RDouble365

    Wowww!! Great legz!!!!

  • Cat46

    Very pretty, she’s going to be really hot in a couple of years. For now I still see her as cute girl dressing up as a woman.

  • 1st_Class_Sgt

    One night is all I ask.

  • mud hen

    Selena looks very good


    she has been looking a lot better lately.

  • Mundo

    I think she’s finally losing the babyish look, and gaining the slutish look now…nothing wrong with that, at least not for me…..

  • KobeBryan

    Fuck she’s hot.

  • jimbo

    Looks pretty damn tasty from head to toe

  • Agent666

    Truly impressive legs, sexy hands, pretty face…and she looks like she smells good.

  • KobeBryan

  • The-Phantom-Writer


  • The-Phantom-Writer

    How tight must her shoes be to walk in that.

    Anyway, nice legs, good showing of skin and still respectable. I’m pretty sure most of the desire though comes from not seeing her naked. Like V Hudge, after it’s seen, we will no longer care.

  • Mahavamst

    Sexy girl, upskirt a bonus

  • salma

  • ObeyYourGod

    Selena keeps getting hotter and hornier.

  • 24blue

    Selena keep up the good work. HOT,HOT,HOT!