Inside the Tube: “Modern Family” Edition -”Treehouse” – (Season 3, Episode 7)

Last night’s episode of Modern Family was one of the best in its entire run, largely because of the wickedly clever one-liners from Cam and Co. during his journey into the Land of Heterosexia. (You can thank the producers transplanted from Will & Grace for those).

Cam and Mitchell and one of their pals are enjoying drinks in a bar when Cam (who thinks his overly friendly waitress is flirting with him instead of just fishing for tips) decides to try and hit on a gorgeous woman (Leslie Mann) sitting across the restaurant. Mitchell and his friend bet him he can’t; Cam naturally thinks he can’t but otherwise. Ergo, Commence Awkward Come On Sequence.

Cam manages to get the woman’s number and thinks she really digs him as a romantic prospect. He feels guilty for leading her on and decides to call her and explain that he is, in fact, gay. How did he put it?

Best line of the night? “You’re an amazing girl, Katie, you’re the whole package. I just prefer someone who has one.” (This must be what he referred to as “The Gift of the Vagi”).

The rest of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan was out and about on their usual hijinks, which for Phil and Luke meant building a treehouse (you can imagine how painful that was for the show’s resident slapstick hero, Luke), while Jay discovered a newfound passion for salsa dancing to appease the much-disappointed and stationary Gloria. Jennifer Tilly made a saucy appearance as Shorty’s new girlfriend. It was nice to see her on screen rather than just serving as the voice of Bonnie on Family Guy.

The underdeveloped but still well-utilized storyline between Claire and Haley — who lamented the fact that she had been brought up in sheltered suburbia rather than in the tough streets of Hard Knocksville – was the show’s first real attempt to explore the intricacies of modern parenting this season that had more to do with rearing than with laughing. It may be a bit beyond the pale that Claire left Haley to wander home from the dry canyon roads of Los Angeles, but then that was the point, wasn’t it? It was nice to see Haley get to do something more than be a batty, pretty lost cause, though as she didn’t have Alex to play off of, it wasn’t nearly as much fun to watch her suffer under her mother’s designs. We’ve all been there (and we thank you . . . Mom!)

One last note: gay or not, no one should ever say “drink-a-doodle-doo”. And who can say no to the coconut? Who?!

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