Kardashian Inc: Lamar Odom’s New Employer During The NBA Lockout

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Unlike a lot of other basketball players currently twiddling their well-manicured thumbs while lounging inside their obscenely huge mansions around the country, Lamar Odom actually has a job. Granted, the dude has quite possibly one of the most annoying workplaces on the planet, he still manages to make it work.

If you think about it, the poor guy is literally imprisoned inside a fake box packed with prickly, money-hungry members of the Kardashian family camera-whoring each & every second of the day, all in the name of fame & future. To tell you the truth, I’m seriously shocked the guy is still ticking, but then again, with the NBA lockout in full swing, I have a feeling all the extra time he’s spending w/ the Kardashians is gonna make him hit the eject button real soon.

Anyway, these were snapped earlier today as the trio made an appearance at the Westfield Miranda mall in Sydney to pimp their “Kardashian Kollection Handbag” range. I feel like Kim is faking like she’s using the trip to escape the brutal US media, but we all know her Pimp Mommy Kris Jenner is feverishly fielding lucrative interview requests from various media outlets, so it’s only a matter of time until they return to capitalize on Kim’s divorce. That douche bag Kris Humphries needs to use this time to speak before Kim ruins his reputation on her upcoming Slander Tour.