Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up With… “Twilight” Star Kristen Stewart

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With part one of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” hitting theaters later this month on November 18, we figured we’d fan the already-raging promotional flames behind the series and feature a few of the chicks from the film over the next couple weeks. We’ll kick things off with Kristen Stewart. As you’ll soon notice w/ Kristen’s shoot, they’re packed with the same amount of energy & excitement as she attempts to show on screen, which is obviously not saying much. As with most quiet & reserved chicks, we’re gonna give Kristen the benefit of the doubt & assume she’s a total freak behind closed doors.

  • annak

    She looks pretty good

  • Cat46

    She has a very beautiful face. But then:

    Uploaded with

    I can’t get past this.

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    lol she is kinda bland and montonous. She’s boyishly cute I suppose.

  • dims

    I think she is pretty and sexy. If I was a guy I would…

  • Boz


  • Evelina

    I think that she is a natural beauty… her acting skills on the other hand???? hmmm… not so good…

  • Willy Wallace

    Kristen has cute feet. Not ‘I want to fuck her feet and cum all over her toes’ hot, but cute.

  • ObeyYourGod

    Loving all the new pics of Kristen and Ashley and the rest of the women on Twilight.

  • babygirl2000

    I agree shes boyish cute but these pics look photoshopped to death.