Getting to Know the Cast of “New Girl”

Since there was no new Modern Family last night, the only televised laugh on the tube worth watching was Governor Rick Perry falling over himself to recall key points in his own much touted economic plan (and no, I didn’t get that one from Rachel Maddow). So, instead of rehashing the same ol’ misadventures in Celebrity Land, why not take a moment and get acquainted with the cast of FOX’s new hit comedy series, New Girl.

Surely you’re dying to know what their favorite foods are, who their idols are, and what they are like on dates . . . so read on!

Zooey Deschanel
Favorite Food: Popcorn
Least Favorite Food: Papaya
Hero Growing Ip: Judy Garland
Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development
Dying to Visit: Summer Camp
What Can’t She Live Without: Clothes
If she wasn’t an actor/musician, she would be: a dancer (though she admits she’s not that good at it).

Jake Johnson
Favorite Food: Cheeseburger
Least Favorite Food: Cauliflower
Born in: Evanston, Illinois (Go Cubs!)
If he wasn’t an actor, he would be: a professional basketball player.
Favorite TV Show: Cheers (“It’s a perfect show.”)

Hannah Simone
Born in: London, England
First Job: Working for her mother’s clothing store in Cyprus
Favorite Food: ALL FOOD!
First Date: She doesn’t date, she just ends up in relationships!
Favorite Place to Live: Wherever she is right now!


and switched black characters like viewers wouldn't notice.

I did notice and got pretty pissed off with it, I mean the new black guy is not even funny and doesnt seem to try to be funny.


Yeah it was like they said OK, we lost Damon Wayans Jr., let's hurry up and find a random token black guy to replace him. Not entirely his fault, they have done NOTHING with his character.


no not really, makes me feel even more uncomfortable, like he is the "token black dude", to make the show PC or something.

Damon at least felt like he had the role due to merit.


And the new guy isn't funny, right?

I'm glad Happy Endings is back, is the best network TV comedy in years.


It was unexplained it was just lame how they did it.

Rumor has it that "Coach" Damon Wayans character will still show up sometime later on in the season.

It was sort of a FU to everyone though, his show(Happy Endings) had already been cancelled, and then was picked back up later on, when ABC realized they didnt have anything on the back burner to fill a half hour slot that was any better.

Im still sort of surprised though that FOX didnt demand a reshoot of the pilot with a new actor, they had more than 2 full months to have gotten such a thing done.


Im a Zooey fan, and wish to wifey her just that much more because of her answers here.

Got to say this weeks episode made me laugh extra hard.


The black guy shown is Damon Wayans Jr. who was in the pilot only, and very funny. Then in show 2 he disappeared and they brought in a new, un-funny, black guy without explanation.

This happened because Wayans shot the pilot, but then his existing show (Happy Endings) got picked up for another season, which happens all the time. Except normally then they re-shoot the pilot. Here, they just said "fuck it" and switched black characters like viewers wouldn't notice.