BREAKING!! Miranda Kerr’s Baby Rocks New Balance Kicks to Dinner!

Photo Credit: INF Photo

I think it goes without saying that if there was a Celebrity Baby Matchup out of all celebrity babies in the entertainment biz, Flynn Kerr-Bloom would Kerr-Bloom the competition out of designer playpen.

Anyway, these were snapped earlier this evening as Miranda was seen leaving her apartment & heading to dinner with baby Flynn in her hands. I’m shocked that Miranda’s strong enough to hold this kid b/c he looks to be packing a lot of baby chub—which only adds to the cute-factor. Needless to say, the guy is styling from top to bottom! I love the fresh bald look w/ the New Balance kicks!

And finally, just in case you were on another planet for the past 24 hours, make sure you check Miranda’s pics from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Runway, as well as all the other sets from the annual fashion show.
Photo Credit: INF Photo

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