NYC: Miranda & Blake Shine @ MoMA Film’s Pedro Almodovar Benefit

Photo Credit: WENN

While constitutional rights get trashed & burned in lower Manhattan, the Museum of Modern Art film department paid a star-studded tribute to Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. According to his Wiki, Almodóvar is arguably the most successful and internationally known Spanish filmmaker of his generation. His films, marked by complex narratives, employ the codes of melodrama and use elements of pop culture, popular songs, irreverent humor, strong colors, glossy décor and LGBT themes. Desire, passion, family and identity are among Almodóvar’s most prevalent themes. His films enjoy a worldwide following and he has become a major figure on the stage of world cinema.”

Penelope Cruz & Antonio Banderas, who’ve worked w/ the director on numerous projects over the years, couldn’t be in attendance, but paid tribute via video messages:

Cruz in her video message told Almodovar: “You are one of the funniest people in the world for sure.” She also said she was “hoping that we share many, many more” special moments together.

Banderas lauded Almodovar for walking in the “difficult, sometimes painful, always exciting territories of artistic creation.” He added: “You broke all the laws of cinematic gravity.”[Source]

Since we’re in the business of featuring useless polls, we figured the delicious lineup of chicks in the first photo provides the perfect opportunity (think carefully before voting):

Photo Credit: WENN

  • FallenRawToast

    There is so much win in the first row I am befuddled and rendered totally useless for any important decisions. Now I dont even know what to have for lunch.

  • Pretty In Purple


  • dillan

    This is not a good look for Miranda.
    Olivia’s eyes are beautiful but I hate her jaw.
    I think Emma looks best here.
    And everybody dressed awful.

  • Cat46

    Miranda’s head looks weird on the first pic and I don’t like her dress. I like Blake’s outfit minus the tights and the shoes. Olive and Emma don’t look that good here. Elizabeth’s dress makes her look stumpy.

  • eliza

    I like them all, but I choose Olivia – those eyes!!!

  • Glimmer

    yay, for pedro…

  • Willy Wallace

    Elizabeth Olsen is my pick. She is very pretty, has gorgeous skin, and nice legs. I also love her outfit.

  • KobeBryan

    Miranda wins, Olivia comes in a close second, then Emma and Blakes body come in tied at 3rd.

  • azezeal

    Kerr can look so much better than this, based on just these photos Olivia wins