LAX: Stacy Keibler Prefers Aquafina Bottled Water Pre-Check-In!!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Aside from accompanying George Clooney to premieres for his movies like The Descendants and The Ides of March, Stacy Keibler really doesn’t have a consistent gig going so we’re unsure where she was jetting off to from LAX. Prior to LAX, Stacy stopped by her local CVS Pharmacy to pick-up a prescription (contents of which we’ll let you guess) and a bottle of Aquafina. Knowing that she couldn’t take it past security, we’re guessing she either trashed it or mistakenly tried to take it through security and ended up getting the full body scan treatment, to which there are no pictures of so that’s just our guess. Anyway, catch Stacy next most likely at George Clooney’s next premiere, whatever that might be.