SoHo, NYC: Miss Columbia Valerie Dominguez Chats On Her Cell

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Valerie was spotted chatting away on her cell as she cruised around SoHo yesterday afternoon. Maybe she’s in the city looking to join the Occupy Wall Street movement and needs a tent or Sugar Daddy’s luxury apartment to occupy? It’s possible, damn it!! Anyway, here’s more info about the 30-year-old hottie:

Valerie Domínguez Tarud (born January 12, 1981) was Miss Colombia 2005-2006 and competed at Los Angeles, United States to participate in Miss Universe 2006. Domínguez made the first cut top 20 of the competition where she competed in swimsuit,and made it to the second cut top 10 where she competed in evening gown. She also studied fashion design in Milan, Italy, and is a successful jewelry designer, a family tradition.

Valerie is a cousin to singer Shakira and is of Syrian-Lebanese descent. She also is a cousin of Adriana Tarud, who was Miss Colombia in 2004. The two pageant winners are also of Palestinian ancestry via the Tarud side of their family.[citation needed] She is known to have dated NASCAR Business Manager and beverage owner, John Paysor. [Source]