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Oscar’s Best Documentary Nominees (We Think)

Here is a list of the likely five nominees for Best Documentary Feature at this year’s Academy Awards. Too bad you probably won’t get to see any in theatres – and good luck finding them on DVD. (Don’t you love the rules of obscure film distribution?)

Project Nim: Probably no other movie I saw all year made me laugh and cry so much or experience disparate emotions so quickly and in such rapid succession. If you love animals (as do I), this will be the kind of movie that will make you feel that you belong to the wrong species. It tells the story of Nim, the chimpanzee who gained notoriety in the 1970s for being the subject of an experiment in which he was essentially raised as a human. Don’t be surprised that it didn’t turn out so well. Also don’t be surprised if the film leaves you haunted with the look of terror and helplessness in Nim’s eyes.

Hell and Back Again: Before I get flamed for espousing “liberal talking points”, be assured that this film about the tragedy of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan is not really about what happens in Afghanistan or what atrocities U.S. forces have committed against the Afghani people (that in itself would only be a film that played in the Middle East . . . or Western Europe). This documentary tells the story of Marine Sgt. Nathan Harris who returns home from duty in Afghanistan where he suffers grievous physical injuries from the Taliban. When he returns home to North Carolina, the psychic pain and suffering he experiences makes the viewer realize that the most terrifying scars of war and combat are those that cannot be seen.

We Were Here: Every year, while watching those wretched red carpet shows on television before the Oscar show, I roll my eyes in revulsion at the parade of obtuse movie stars paying lip and lapel service to the AIDS plight with their proud display of red ribbons on their tuxedos and skimpy gowns. This year, I will forgive said display because academy members seem poised to nominate this documentary about the early days of the AIDS plight and the way it ravaged the gay community in the early 1980s. From what was first called the “Gay Plague” to what has forced the creation of support groups and communities across the world incorporating health care, medical services and social and community outreach programs, the AIDS plague continues in ways that we are only beginning to understand.

Undefeated: Not exactly sure why, but the buzz in Tinsel Town is that this fairly run-of-the-mill documentary about a down-and-out high school football team that does its darndest to win its first playoff game in the school’s 110-year history is poised for an Oscar nod. The point of the whole thing is of course that what happens in the lives of the players off the field is what affects what happens on the field. I think it’s getting as much buzz at is purely because it’s being distributed by the Weinstein Company.

Buck: If you weren’t quite won over by the sentimental portrayal of the relationship between a boy and his horse in War Horse, you might like this documentary about a cowboy and his stallion. Buck Brannaman is a real life cowboy who sojourns across America helping horses and people understand each other. He is the Horse Whisperer, you see, and in the end you might think he’s more horse than human. A truly endearing and fascinating portrait of the kind of person we rarely get to see on screen: someone who embraces compassion, love and gentility in place of force and emotional violence.

Miami: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Bikini Pics Bring The Links!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures
Sugar daddy Jason Statham was seen chilling on the beach with his supermodel girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Miami Beach earlier this afternoon. That bastard!

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Barbados: Rihanna Shows Off Her Amazing Bikini Body! DAAYUM!

Photo Credit: WENN

This chick can seriously work it. On stage during her risque performances around the globe, Rhianna appears far meatier than she does when she’s running around in a bikini, so can somebody explain that illusion? Maybe it’s the costumes she’s wearing or maybe RhiRhi is simply meaty in all the right places? Whatever the case, she was seen having fun at the beach with family yesterday afternoon in her native country Barbados. It’s nice to see that Rihanna hasn’t let all the fame & fortune distract her from the people who’re most important to her.

Directly below are pics of the sexy singer toying around with younger brother Rajad at the beach.
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: FAME Pictures
Photo Credit: WENN

Miami Beach: Maria Menounos Tackles P.R. Pimp Jonathan Cheban

Photo Credit: WENN

This is simply a continuation of our Miami Beach coverage from yesterday, so stay tuned for more pics from Florida through the New Years weekend. Since we have no lives, we’ll do our best to get things up promptly.

As for these latest pics, Maria Menounos was seen having fun w/ “Spin Crowd” star & NYC P.R. guru Jonathan Cheban. It’s pretty cool how hot chicks have a license to do literally anything and get away with it! Needless to say, this definitely bodes well for J. Cheban’s quest to prove that he’s straight (Kris Humphries took a shot at Cheban’s sexuality in an episode of “Kim & Kourtney Take NYC”).

While we’re on the topic of hot chicks attacking dudes: How should one react in a situation that has you getting bear-hugged & tackled by a bikini-clad Maria Menounos? If he wasn’t careful, he could come off as somewhat creepy if he accidentally fondled her various assets in an attempt to tackle her or even risk getting your ass kicked by Maria’s boyfriend who was only a few feet away, so I think the dude played it off very nicely, to say the least.
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN

2011 NFL Season: New Year’s Day Preview

I couldn’t go a whole season without posting a Cowboys Cheerleader

Lingering comments, questions and concerns from week 16

-Yes, I don’t know what I was thinking picking against the Bengals. Never underestimate a team that can control their own destiny to get into the playoffs. The Jets looked really sloppy on offense against the Giants. Who deserves the blame? Most people are pointing at QB Mark Sanchez.

-Speaking of slow offenses, are the 49ers red zone troubles going to haunt them in the playoffs? I know it’s hard to score in Seattle but you’re going to have to do better than 19 points to get past the elite offenses in the NFC. I do have to give props to their kicker David Akers though. Kickers just don’t get enough praise in this league. I just fear the Niners will rely a little too much on Akers down the road.

-Speaking of records, Drew Brees successfully broke the record for passing yards in a season. I overheard some comments by Atlanta’s players complaining about the Saints running up the score just so Brees could get his record. Listen, Atlanta defenders, if you didn’t want Brees to get his record then stop him yourself. No one likes a complainer.

– I won’t talk too much about my Cowboys loss. Romo was hurt and the game didn’t mean anything. I know that I’m using the typical excuses of a bitter fan but I can’t help it.

-Out of all the playoffs scenarios that can happen, I’d most like to see the Titans get in because it’s so complicated. My favorite combo is: Titans win + Bengals loss + Jets loss or tie + Raiders win + Broncos win.

-An excellent slate of games to help you ease out of your hangover:

Monday 1/1
1:00 ET
Redskins AT Eagles (-8.5)
49ers (-10.5) AT Rams
Bears AT Vikings (-1)
Lions (-3.5) AT Packers
Panthers AT Saints (-8)
Titans (-3) AT Texans
Colts AT Jaguars (-3.5)
Jets AT Dolphins (-2.5)
Bills AT Patriots (-10.5)

4:15 ET
Buccaneers AT Falcons (-11.5)
Ravens (-2) AT Bengals
Steelers (-7) AT Browns
Chargers AT Raiders (-3)
Chiefs AT Broncos (-3)
Seahawks AT Cardinals (-3)

8:20 ET
Cowboys AT Giants (-3)

Game of the week
-Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
There’s a reason this game was chosen for the night slot. NFC East title on the line. The last game between these teams came down to a last second field goal block. Can Romo continue his excellent play despite an injured hand? Can Eli lead the Giants to another fourth quarter comeback? The final game of the season between two rivals will have plenty of fireworks and excitement. Win or go home for these rivals.

Upset pick of the week
-Kansas City Chiefs over Denver Broncos-
Tebow magic…where did you go? I doesn’t help that the Denver defense (elite for a stretch) has been exposed in the last couple of weeks. Giving up at least 40 points back-to-back isn’t going to give Tebow a chance to make something happen. This is also an excellent opportunity for Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton to get revenge on his former team. With a win and a little more help, the Chiefs can keep the Broncos out of the postseason.

Close call of the week
-Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals-
The Ravens are looking to secure the number two seed in the AFC and possibly the top seed. The Bengals are securing a spot in the playoffs and want to avenge the close loss in the last meeting against the Ravens. The Ravens have been bad on the road, mostly due to offense inconsistency. I don’t understand why they don’t always give running back Ray Rice at least 20 touches a game. On the other side, Bengals QB Andy Dalton needs to limit his turnovers for his team to come out on top. This game could to either way.

STONE COLD Steve Austin LOCK of the week
-Philadelphia Eagles over Washington Redskins-
It looks like the self-proclaimed “Dream Team” is finally coming to its own. I think it’s part because of the immense talent they have and another reason for the winning ways is to keep head coach Andy Reid there. Michael Vick always plays well against the Redskins and he will definitely have to because their running back McCoy is dealing with an ankle injury. The Redskins? Well, they are going to finish last in the division for a fourth straight season.

Happy New Year’s everyone! Go out and party responsibly. Remember, don’t drink and drive because you might spill your drink! Always designate a sober driver.

Mexico: Blurry Jessica Alba Post-Pregnancy Bikini Pics!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Jessica Alba gave birth to her second daughter, Haven Garner Wareen, back in August and has since dropped the added weight and gave us a peek to her post-pregnancy bod as she vacationed with the family at none other than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Yeah, we know the pics are blurry but that’s typically the case for most of the photos that come out from Mexico vacations. We’ll keep an eye for more Jessica in Mexico and hopefully there’ll be clearer shots, something along the lines of the “Ass Bent Over” pose which Jessica does so well.

MoeJackson 2011: Candice vs Rosie vs Blake – #1’s Matchup

Photo Credit: WENN; FAME Pictures; Splash News Online; Pacific Coast News; INF Photo

When thinking of what kind of excuse we could use to incorporate Candice Swanepoel into these MoeJackson 2011 Year In Review posts, we decided then what better way then to put MoeJackson’s Hottest, Sexiest, Most Desirable Woman 2011 against both AskMen’s #1 Most Desirable Woman and The Maxim Hot 100’s #1 Sexiest Woman, those being Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Blake Lively. So we’re really going to just waste your time because you’ve already seen our 2011 recaps of Rosie and Blake but really, with Candice involved does it really matter? Oh, and we did our best to exclude Candice lucky boyfriend Hermann Nicoli but I think he made his way into this slew of photos. As for 2012, can we expect anything less from Candice?

Photo Credit: WENN; FAME Pictures; Splash News Online; Pacific Coast News; INF Photo

Caleb Followill Knocked-Up Lily Aldridge! VS Loses Another for 2012!

Photo Credit: WENN

Just the other day Alessandra Ambrosio announced that she is pregnant with her second child and now fellow Victoria’s Secret hottie Lily Aldridge has confirmed that she and husband Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, are expecting their first child. How does this impact us? Well, we get to spend 2012 watching both Ale and Lily gain weight and possibly not take part in next year’s VS Fashion Show. The show does take place in November so it is possible that following birth these two could go on some bootcamp routine and be runway ready but odds are both Lily and Ale won’t be at their tighest by November. Looks like next year we might have a Year in Review Post-Pregnancy matchup of Ale and Lily similar to Miranda and Doutzen this year.

Miami Beach: Victoria Silvstedt Reads OK! Magazine Poolside!!

Photo Credit: WENN

Victoria Silvstedt is spending New Year’s Eve in Miami Beach probably on the dime of some rich client considering we have no idea how else Victoria earns her income that would be sufficient to hang poolside, get a tan, check her BlackBerry while also reading OK! Magazine. Vicroria, we salute you because we seriously have no idea what you do but somehow you find your way to the site year after year as you get older and older and less important but we can never pass up the chance to post bikini photos, we’ll give you that.

Mexico: Cindy Crawford on Family Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber are on their annual family vacation with close-friend George Clooney. Last year this vacation any Clooney/Gerber vacation included Elisabetta Canalis but times has changed and this year it’s Stacy Keibler who’s accompanying George. Also invited for this trip is Stacy’s WWE Diva friend Torrie Wilson. So far there hasn’t been any sightings of Stacy (or Torrie) in a bikini so the coverage on this bunch in Mexico is limited. Hopefully as New Year’s Eve comes upon us, Stacy strips down and gets into a bikini but let’s also hope that they won’t be blurry Cabo photos similar to those of Jessica Alba. As for Cindy, well, you know she’s looking good for being 45 years old.

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