It’s Raining Flops at the Box Office!

Like all national disasters these days, blame it on Ashton Kutcher: this weekend’s box-office take was the worst since the economy came a-tumblin’ down in the fall of 2008 (remember those apocalyptic days of yore?). It was led by the you-knew-it-was-so-bad-you-had-to-stay-away Gay Marshall directed multi-starrer, New Year’s Eve. Starring the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Jon Bon Jovi, and Oscar winners like Robert DeNiro and Halle Berry (why, thespians, why?!), it opened in the top spot with a paltry $13.7 million. Maybe its disastrous performance will put an end to these softie rom com exercises in cinematic blandness told through endless and pointless vignettes. Maybe then we can all be spared the finale of Marshall’s planned holiday trilogy: Flag Day.

Jonah Hill’s The Sitter also opened to poor reviews and even poorer earnings to take second with $10 million. The recent reigning champ, Twilight, settled into third with $7.9 million. Breaking Dawn did score nearly four times higher than New Year’s Eve did at Rottentomatoes. Yeah. Think about it. It’s that bad. Shudder.

The weekend’s buzziest movie was the Diablo Cody penned semi-proto feminist black comedy Young Adult, which opened to a largely positive reception from critics, bowed with a meager $0.3 million (yes, point) in its first weekend. To be fair, it’s still in limited release and should at least recover production costs once it opens wide. Theron may even earn a few acting notices if the film does well enough and her awards season campaign is successful.

The weekend’s top ten movies were as follows:

1. New Year’s Eve – $13.7M
2. The Sitter – $10.0M
3. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – $7.9M
4. The Muppets – $7.1M
5. Arthur Christmas – $6.6M
6. Hugo – $6.1M
7. The Descendants – $4.4M
8. Happy Feet Two – $3.8M
9. Jack and Jill – $3.2M
10. Immortals – $2.4M