Morning Pick-Me-Up: Alyssa Miller Wants Your Attention!

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Yesterday it was Lily Aldridge & today it’s another one of our neglected favorites, Ms. Alyssa Miller:

Alyssa Miller (born July 4, 1990) is an American fashion model. Following cover appearances for Vogue (Germany, October 2006) and Elle (Italy, July 2010),[1] she became one of the new faces of Guess clothing in late 2010.[2]

She made her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue debut in 2011, photographed by Walter Iooss, Jr. in Fiji and Bjorn Iooss in Maui, Hawaii.[3][4][5] She was one of five rookies (along with Shannan Click, Kenza Fourati, Izabel Goulart, and fellow Guess model Kate Upton) in the issue.[6] According to a story in The Wall Street Journal she had previously thought that if she ever appeared in Sports Illustrated it would be for soccer, since she envisioned herself as a professional soccer player.[6] She also appeared in the body painting feature in the Swimsuit Issue where Joanne Gair painted her and Stewart Shining photographed her in New York City. [Source]