Well Dressed List: Demi Lovato @ 2012 People’s Choice Awards

Photo Credit: WENN

For those of you bastards who don’t know, Demi Lovato is ripe for a rebound relationship since numerous sources are reporting that she & King Sugar Daddy Wilmer Valderrama recently called it quits. Damn, who the hell hasn’t Fez banged over the years? I swear, between him & Joe Jonas, I think all newbie hotties go through one of them before moving on to others in the Hollywood Sugar Daddy Network.

Anyway, there’s the Best Dressed, Worst Dressed & the newly created “Well Dressed” category for all those chicks who aren’t exactly Best Dressed material, but nonetheless show a lot of promise on the red carpet. Demi’s dress does wonders for her Kardashian-esque booty and the top succeeds in showing off her mini-rack, but aside from that, I feel like it doesn’t do much else. It’s lacking that mysterious pop-factor, so help hope Demi is working up to something special when she hits the red carpet at this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.

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