Inside the Tube: “Family Guy” Edition – “Blind Side” – (Season 10, Episode 11)

First off, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term “genital essence” used on broadcast television. Come to think of it, not on cable either. And yet, I still can’t stop laughing. Score one for the writers who go “zing!” at Family Guy.

The dating misadventures and romantic lives of the cast of characters of Family Guy is old hat – very old hat in a show that’s now ten seasons old. But date they must, since this is a sitcom, and one of them is a dog. Who dates humans. Ruff!

After last week’s bizarr-o jaunt between Meg and Quagmire, it felt much more comfortable watching Brian romance a pretty young woman named Kate who also happens to be blind. Brian does his darndest to take advantage of the situation since Kate is blind and hates dogs. I mean, HATES them. Wagging tails? Ew. Puppy breath? Disgusting! And don’t even ask her what wet dogs smell like (hint: it’s not genital essence).

So Brian pretends to be human to score with the blind woman. And she falls for it. Until she starts to notice that they haven’t, um, done it yet. Brian knows the shtick is up but he enlists Stewie to help him sort his way out of the nightmare of having to meet Kate’s fully sighted and seeing parents. Stewie’s plan? To dress up as a female nurse (the writers will take any opportunity they can to put Stewie in drag, it seems) while pretending to be Brian’s caretaker. Brian has had a terrible accident, you see, and is required to cover his face with bandages. Commence flailing sequence.

The running gag of Peter falling down the stairs over and over because of the new wood was pretty funny in a slapstick way (if you like that kind of thing . . . which I do) and made up for the fact that the rest of the Griffins didn’t have much going on that week. I’m not complaining (mostly) because there has been precious little of Brian and Stewie this season so I’ll take whatever I can get of the show’s strongest duo. But then Family Guy‘s best shows typically involve the entire cat of characters jaunting their way together into yet another zany mishap misadventure. At least this is a step in the right direction.

Best cutaway of the night belongs to the True Blood spoof:

“Hi. I’m a nude vampire.”

“Hi. I’m a nude werewolf.”

“And that’s the show!”

Did I audition for that show? Somebody call my agent!