“Underworld” Awakens the Box Office

The 2012 box office winning streak continued this weekend with Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld, which earned $25.4 million. The film, produced by Sony Pictures, led a weekend which saw an increase in ticket sales by 32% from the same weekend last year. The film also picked up an additional $13.4 million in sales from overseas markets.

George Lucas’s pet project Red Tails, which he financed himself to the tune of $58 million, opened in second place, earning $19.1 million. Though the film was savaged by the critics, it earned respectable word-of-mouth reviews from audiences which helps explain how it did so well this weekend.

Last weekend’s No.1 movie, Contraband, fell to third thanks to a drop of nearly 50% in its total box office receipts. It earned $12.2 million this weekend plus a paltry $1.8 million overseas. Its domestic total comes to $46.1 million since it opened.

And rounding out the top five were Haywire and the 3-D reissue of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, both of which earned around $9 million.

The top ten films and their domestic earnings were as follows:

1. “Underworld: Awakening”: $25.4 million

2. “Red Tails”: $19.1 million

3. “Contraband”: $12.2 million

4. “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”: $10.5 million

5. “Haywire”: $9 million

6. “Beauty and the Beast 3-D”: $8.6 million

7. “Joyful Noise”: $6.1 million

8. “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol”: $5.5 million

9. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”: $4.8 million

10. “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”: $3.8 million

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Its Kate Beckinsale in a catsuit of course people are going to see it


I bet that Leather is top of the line lol


If it werent for thousands of men wanting to see Kate in that black leather outfit, would the movie have made as much?


Glad to see Red Tails doing well. Not for Lucas's sake, but for black actors getting a chance to be in something as a lead besides a Tyler Perry movie, and for the honor some real unsung heros of WWII.