“The Descendants” Star Shailene Woodley Drinks Mountain Valley Spring Water!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Snapped yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles as Shailene looked toned and refreshed while leaving a local yoga studio following a 90-minute workout session.

Shailene Woodley, who was literally just a TV star on ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” is now a Golden Globes nominated actress with an extremely bright future. She doesn’t have any upcoming projects in the works at the moment (according to her Wiki & IMDb), but I’m sure her agent is fielding calls about potentials left & right. Before turning her attention to more artsy films similar to “The Descendants,” we’re pretty sure Shailene will cash in on her new-found fame by doing a cookie-cutter blockbuster so she can build up that elusive “F-You, Hollywood” stash—at least that’s the move we recommend.

Of course, there’s always her breakout nudity role b/c we all know Hollywood loves to exploit fresh female blood & judging by Shailene’s employment past at American Apparel, we’re pretty sure she’s down for anything as long as the cash is freely flowing.