Best Dressed: Rihanna Killin’ It In Giorgio Armani @ The Grammys!

Photo Credit: WENN

Rihanna seriously lit up the the red carpet with her delicious, milk-chocolatey body. God daayumm! What’s everyone’s take on her hairdo-of-the-week?

Besides looking really hot, she performed a number w/ Cold Play—not a huge fan of the mash-up, but her naughty-girl solo performance of “We Found Love” probably had Chris Brown stabbing his private parts for breaking things off w/ her. What a dumbass.

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Photo Credit: WENN

  • My Cock Is Throbbing


    This is arguably the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen and the person wearing it is even sexier.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    Beautiful woman, but her personality… I don’t know if she is the type a person could deal with for more than one night.

    Though I’d be willing to try.

  • dims

    I don’t like her face much. Never did, but her body is great.

  • dims

    I don’t like her face much. Never did, but her body is great.

  • LaLa

    Face is like a smashed crab, body is decent, blonde hair surprisingly suits her and she looks slammin’ in this dress. Good job overall.

  • dillan

    Thank god her thug life tattoo is barely visible.

  • Julz

    Liking the body and dress but face is full of fail as per usual.

  • General Delacroix

    Put me on the haters list for this one. She looks like a prostitute playing models.

  • Cat46

    She looks very very hot!

  • azezeal

    Mother fuc…..

    just plain OW

  • Glimmer

    rihanna, is currently in the lead in the “Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2012 Grammy Awards?” poll over at red carpet fashions…

  • McPerv

    The hair is an abomination. Everything else looks good.

  • major_got_banned

    i think shes found a lasting look covering the forehead. bangin.

  • Leni

    Very nice, if she wore dark red lipstick she’d look even hotter.
    I like the blonde hair.

  • salma

    If I was a celeb I would have wore that dress too, I love it.

  • karmathebitch


  • sevic86

    wow, just wow
    very hot dress

  • Philr Crackin

    Nice Cleavage – WOW

  • vanessaxoxx

    hello hooker.

  • Peccavi

    starting to dig the blonde hair, or maybe its the dress… i can’t tell

  • Larry Sanders

    Hottest thing I have ever seen.