L.A.: Emmanuelle Chriqui @ Hollywood Rush Benefiting The Baby Dragon Fund

Photo Credit: WENN

Emmanuelle Chriqui was one of the participants with Lance Bass and Jenna Dewan taking part in Hollywood Rush, the marathon theatre challenege to raise money. The performers are challenged to write and stage six 10-minute plays from scratch in a 24-hour period. The money raised goes towards The Baby Dragon Fund, which supports recovery programmes for drug addicts.

  • sevic86

    not as pretty as few years ago

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    Damn, it’s been fucking long enough since my girl Emmanuelle was posted. Still looking hot as fuck, but like others have said, the cigs are starting to take a toll on her.

  • RDouble365

    So, so pretty!

  • Peccavi

    I would.. I like her, banging body.