Kelly Brook @ London Fashion Week – Giles Deacon

Photo Credit: WENN

Kelly Brook hit up the Giles Deacon front row during London Fashion Week. She definitely stole the attention from the runway as she wore a neck-plunging dress. Yes, she’s still with Thom Evans and recently was in Glasgow watching him race the 60 meter sprint and also stole the attention there too. Basically, if Kelly’s there, that’s all that really matters.

  • JPRichardson


  • RDouble365

    F**king HOT!!!!!

  • KaPOW

    she is so classically beautiful and amazing boobs, of course.

  • OnlyADream

    Now, look here… This is how a dress should look. A woman should wear the dress, a dress should never wear the woman.

  • Larry Sanders

    Apart from having huge tits that will sag like hell in a few years time there’s nothing redeeming here.

  • Larry Sanders

    That’s if you like comical breasts.

  • The Devil

    Those chesticles are a specticle

  • The Devil

    Those chesticles are a specticle

  • I Am Right

    People said that years ago and her tits still look amazing.

  • Larry Sanders

    They’re being held up be a dress etc.

  • I Am Right

    *shakes head in disappointment*

  • miley syphylis


  • Mundo

    I’d like to give her a bear hug…and squeeze her till she yells, or poops.

  • crackrocks


  • sevic86

    even you said she has “oversized saggy tits” and now you’re saying they look amazing? LOL