Oscars 2012 Worst Dressed: Rooney Mara Looks Dull & Boring

Photo Credit: WENN

Some might see this look as classy, but Rooney Mara is simply too pasty for a white dress like the one she wore on tonight’s red carpet. The “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” star definitely needs to screw the fancy Italian designer names & start by adding more color & edgier styles to the mix—even for fancier events like the Academy Awards.

  • Cat46

    I love the dress but it doesn’t fit her well, it makes her torso look much bigger then her legs. Still she was one of the best dressed imo.

  • Glimmer

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  • Leni

    Not a fan, she is ok, I don’t really like her type of beauty.

  • Julz

    Didn’t she have a horrible super-short fringe and half-shaved head in GWDT? Perhaps she’s gradually transitioning from that style into something else instead of opting to extensions/a weave.