L.A.: Update On Miranda Kerr’s Beauty: Yup, Still Beautiful.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

As always, Victoria’s Secret mommy Miranda Kerr styled to perfection as she was spotted running errands in L.A. couple days back. Earlier this week Miranda finally made a return to Cali after an extended stay back at home in Sydney. In case you missed it, check her photos w/ baby son Flynn as mom & baby arrived at the airport in Sydney for their L.A. flight.

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Wish I had a life where I could split my time between LA and Sydney. Oh and having Miranda Kerr beside me would be an ultra-bonus.


"Do you like my sunglasses?"


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man id love to see Ali Larter bitch smack the smug smile off her face.

u know, i think id pay to see her go 10 rounds with Tyson in his prime...oh she would look SO amazing after that....puffy eyes, black and blue, broken nose, fat lip....concussion.....and then shed be so fucked up she could pass out and drown in the whirlpool after the fight....

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", "id": "293759"}], "title": "From The Bastardly Archives... Last Year!"} {"source": "http://moejackson.com/2008/01/10/2008-01-10-from-the-bastardly-two-years-ago-6/", "created": "2008-01-10T13:29:42", "id": "12704", "comments": [{"parent_id": "1", "imported_display_name": "Pookie", "created": "2008-01-10T13:37:49", "imported_url": null, "imported_email": "rhthmachine@hotmail.com", "body_html": "

Someone please, put her out of her mercy.

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Pookie that was fucking hilarious


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That shit has nothing to do with age.

It's called AIDS.

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Who is this?

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The rapid change in her appearance is disturbing, and strange....

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Proof that you just can't win in the Porn Game. Even the winners are losers.

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She is so fucking nasty!

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Eww!I have NEVER found this woman REMOTELY attractive!Poor woman.

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Take the war paint off,granny (or whore paint)

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She's ok in my book. Still wierd tough, how much fucking uglier she got in only two years. I can spot young Jenna Jameson in there and I love young Jenna. Like I said, she;s ok in my book. I LOVE YOU!!

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Can I ask..are all the guys on here over 30? Be honest..tell your age.

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\"Im a product of the 80`s!\"

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I always liked Jill Kelly more than Jenna but Jill aged much worst.

", "id": "293754"}], "title": "From The Bastardly Archives... Two Years Ago!"} {"source": "http://moejackson.com/2008/01/11/2008-01-11-from-the-bastardly-two-years-ago-7/", "created": "2008-01-11T12:29:44", "id": "12707", "comments": [{"parent_id": "1", "imported_display_name": "Dennis", "created": "2008-01-11T13:23:37", "imported_url": null, "imported_email": "why@doyouneedit.gr", "body_html": "

Well, I'm Greek and I have two things to say:

a) she's hot. Nice body, OK face.

b) who the fuck is she????

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why arent any of those freaks from that 350 post thread coming here and thinking that they are talking TO her....that was so funny, i miss it

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I'd pee in her butt.

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I don't know if I'm bi or what but I get reallly turned on my girls who I would love too see my sexy boyfriend fucking. She does it for me. Who is she??

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She is beatiful !!!

", "id": "294311"}], "title": "From The Bastardly Archives... Two Years Ago!"} {"source": "http://moejackson.com/2008/01/11/2008-01-11-from-the-bastardly-last-year-87/", "created": "2008-01-11T10:15:43", "id": "12706", "comments": [{"parent_id": "1", "imported_display_name": "ACE", "created": "2008-01-11T10:27:00", "imported_url": null, "imported_email": "aconnor@arczip.com", "body_html": "

Kaci is hot....I though it was Lohan at first.

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She's pretty, he's nasty.

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That's sad.

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how can she kiss that?!

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so which one is he?

a. rich businessman

b. rocker

c. movie producer or director

d. another d list celeb trying desperately to climb the ladder

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His skin is gross! He's gross as a whole. He must have money to get a beautiful !