BREAKING!! Kim Kardashian Fills Up Her New Ferrar in L.A.! OW!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online; FameFlynet Pictures

Not exactly as hot as Minka Kelly gassing up her Audi Q5<, but Kim’s sweet ass Ferrari makes up for things. These were snapped earlier today as the reality TV mogul was seen gassing up her new ride.

While Kim was at the gas station, an old dude in a wheelchair (probably hired by Kim’s evil mom) approached Kim for a donation to help support the fight to rescue missing & abducted children. Normally, Kim would’ve told him to go away, but with all the cameras capturing her every move, she figured it’d would be a smart move to toss a few bucks in the bin.
Photo Credit: Splash News Online; FameFlynet Pictures
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    I don’t know whose ass sticks out more — Kim’s or the car’s.
    I do know which one has been pumped more often though.

  • shiniestObjectus

    Yes, I’d like one cum colored crisis mobile please, no seats seats required. xo-Kimm

  • shiniestObjectus

    P.S. I wonder if Kim got an ass sonogram like Coco/Nicole Austin did, if the buttock implants would show up or just rancid cottage cheese?

  • Tina

    How the f*ck can she drive in those heels??

  • dillan

    Very ugly – inside and out.

  • Nookies

    Why couldn’t someone use the hose as a flamethrower and torch that cunt.

    Just don’t let any melted ass fat or silicone get on the car!

  • Cat46

    I was asking myself the same question!

  • 1st_Class_Sgt

    Did she give money to that handicapped person? Also, it would have been so funny if she put diesel in that thing.

  • Irons

    I hope she hits a tree after driving off a cliff.

  • sevic86

    i can’t stand her
    her face looks especially ugly from the side

  • johnconnor77

    that car is awwww

  • Noah

    im guessing the car’s been pumped less; correct?

  • Noah

    where’s the shot of her giving money to the dude in the cripple-ride?