• Fuzzy_Bear

    I don’t know whose ass sticks out more — Kim’s or the car’s.
    I do know which one has been pumped more often though.

  • shiniestObjectus

    Yes, I’d like one cum colored crisis mobile please, no seats seats required. xo-Kimm

  • shiniestObjectus

    P.S. I wonder if Kim got an ass sonogram like Coco/Nicole Austin did, if the buttock implants would show up or just rancid cottage cheese?

  • Tina

    How the f*ck can she drive in those heels??

  • dillan

    Very ugly – inside and out.

  • Nookies

    Why couldn’t someone use the hose as a flamethrower and torch that cunt.

    Just don’t let any melted ass fat or silicone get on the car!

  • Cat46

    I was asking myself the same question!

  • 1st_Class_Sgt

    Did she give money to that handicapped person? Also, it would have been so funny if she put diesel in that thing.

  • Irons

    I hope she hits a tree after driving off a cliff.

  • sevic86

    i can’t stand her
    her face looks especially ugly from the side

  • johnconnor77

    that car is awwww

  • Noah

    im guessing the car’s been pumped less; correct?

  • Noah

    where’s the shot of her giving money to the dude in the cripple-ride?